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Portland Interior Designer Gets A Behind The Scenes Look At Cambria

Garrison was one of the 12 selected U.S.-based interior designers to be a Cambria Style Maker, which included an in-person manufacturer visit. Since Garrison gladly accepted this great opportunity, he headed east to Minneapolis earlier this month with other designers from the U.S. and Toronto. After Garrison's trip, he said that this tour was one of the most memorable! He also said that they did a phenomenal job at thinking outside of the box, including their branded marketing that was incorporated into their interior design. Let's take a look at some of Garrison's takeaways and highlights from this trip. First, let's learn a little bit more about Cambria!

Who And What Is Cambria? 

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At Cambria, they pride themselves on being the only family-owned, American-made producer of natural quartz surfaces. For Cambria customers, it results in quality that can be felt from start to finish, in products and their customers' experience.

Your countertops go through a lot. Scratches, stains and the stresses of everyday life. No other surface on the market offers such a perfect harmony of performance and beauty.

It's easy to clean - you just need to use warm water and mild soap. Unlike granite and marble, quartz doesn’t need periodic sealing, polishing or reconditioning. You won’t have to work with messy oils or dangerous chemicals—there’s no cost of upkeep for Cambria once it’s installed

Cambria Is Going For The Home Run Of Manufacturer Tours!

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Once Garrison landed, it was a jam-packed experience full of fun events planned...starting with an awesome trip to Target Field to watch the Twins play soccer, I mean baseball. Behind the scenes: Garrison may or may not have known what sport the Twins play. 

This is the gorgeous view that Garrison and the other 17 designers (6 interior designers were from Toronto) had of the Twins game. Not too shabby...just wait until you see what the interiors look like!

Interiors That Reflect A Winning Interior Design In A High-End Baseball Suite

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There were so many design elements that drew Garrison into this high-end suite, but I'll highlight just a few that he thought were so cleverly included by Cambria.

Don't Forget To Include Your Branding Into Your Design

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Garrison was very inspired by this strategically and creatively branded bar detail that Cambria thought of. Although it isn't the most visible detail, it is definitely one that leaves a lasting impression on those that visit the suite!

It's Ok To Be Rough Around The Edges


The exposed edge of this countertop accentuated the movement and raw beauty of this Cambria countertop.

A Gorgeous Chandelier Made Of Quartzite

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This chandelier was a showstopper! The gorgeous fixture is made up of quartzite; which is an extremely hard rock that Cambria grinds up and mixes with resin to make their durable and beautiful product.

Did you know that the ground up quartzite doesn't actually hold any color, but the resin and binds are what hold the color?

The Entire Cambria Marketing Team

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Garrison was blown away by the Cambria marketing team (shown above). Garrison is nestled in there somewhere, can you find him?

I hope you enjoyed seeing and learning about Garrison's trip to the infamous Cambria. Next time, I am making him sign me up as his + 1!!