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Remodel 101: Invest In What You Already Have For A Happier Life

Sometimes you get tired of being in the same old house, and things become stale or just aren't matching up to you and your family's functionality needs. There is a better alternative to moving out! While you may be tempted to pack up and find a new, refreshing place, that can be time-consuming and challenging, not to mention expensive! It may be easier and more beneficial in the long-run to remodel some spaces of your house that need it most!

Make Your Home Work For You

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It’s your home, and you deserve to enjoy where you live! After all, it should function around you and work the way you work. Sometimes, investing in a couple of slight changes can make a world of difference. Updating your master suite bathroom with new cabinetry and tiles will help make it feel like a modern spa. Compile a list of everything you dislike about your house and see if there is anything that can be changed to make you happier.

Investing in Your Home Is An Investment In Your Future

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Selling your home right out may give you a good amount of money, but if you update the kitchen or add a bathroom, the home value will increase substantially. Considering a kitchen remodel or bath remodel by a trusted designer and contractor will get you more bang for your buck. In a bad housing market, it is even better to remodel and get more money later as opposed to trying to sell your house for less than what you would like.

Give Your House A Curbside Facelift

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Updating the interiors of your home can increase the value, but if the outside looks old and less polished, your house may fall prey to being judged by its cover! Adding a fresh coat of paint, replacing old siding, re-roofing the house, or simply cleaning up the landscaping can increase the curb appeal of your home and have more potential buyers clawing at your door! But if you’re investing in the exterior and plan on staying in your house for a while, there are still plenty of advantages: everyone driving or walking past your house will experience their eyes wandering to your nice, new-looking house, and wonder why they never noticed it before! You’ll be the talk of the neighborhood!

Save On Utility Bills By Replacing Old Things

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Replacing old windows and appliances can drastically lower your energy bill. Upgrading outdated refrigerators and furnaces to Energy Star approved ones can lower your electric bill and investing in new water-efficient toilets can bring down the water bill. In addition, the windows in an older house should always be one of the first things to replace. This is because older windows can be atrociously leaky, while new windows can have multiple panes that keep the temperature of your house in. Also, don't forget that window coverings and blinds will help save you money, by keeping the cold in, or out, depending on the season.

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Remodeling may seem like a big endeavor, but it will almost always be easier than packing up all of your belongings and moving somewhere unfamiliar. Your house should be a home, and function around you and your needs. Investing back into your existing home is a great idea, whether it be as simple as a new appliance or coat of paint, or as complex as adding an entirely new bathroom! Call a designer that creates spaces that appeal to your aesthetic and have them help create a functional and beautiful place that is tailored to you. Happy remodeling!