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The Best Interior Designers And Custom Home Builders In The Pacific Northwest

If you are thinking of remodeling or building a custom home, you'll want to attend the 2014 Street of Dreams. Starting this Saturday, July 26, you will be able to get an inside look at recently finished homes that boast the latest technologies and products that you'll likely want to consider incorporating into your home design. Just to get you all excited about what you can expect out of the two homes that Garrison Hullinger Interior Design designed, you better read on!

Shop Around For The Best Builders, Interior Designers And Contractors!

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You've finally reached the point in your life that you can consider building the home of your dreams, but you don't know what the necessary next steps are to ensure it's built with attention to detail...your favorite interior designers, builders and architects are here to help you! We always recommend shopping around and asking your trusted friends and family who they recommend and why; our general rule of thumb is to find and interview three different businesses. It's very important that you interview your future design team, because you want to feel comfortable and confident in the people that you're entrusting to build your dream home.

Helpful Hint: Although saving money is always very attractive, it isn't always the best route to go. Be cautious that people aren't under promising where budget will fall. 

Important Design Details To Incorporate Into Your Home

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A lot of times the general public isn't aware of how much interior designers really contribute to a home project. Let me just clear the air...we don't just add the perfect lamp to a space, we do a lot more then that! Did you know that designers over at GHID do not use a template for any of our designs? That means that everything we present to you is unique to you and your project!

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While attending the show this year, make sure to pay special attention to the following: the detailed edges in all of the cabinetry, the custom tile layouts, faux paint, exterior paint colors and surfaces. The previously listed details you should keep your eyes peeled are just a few of the ways our designers creatively contributed to these projects. Those details that I just mentioned are just a few of the things that GHID designers spent the time hand-selecting and designing for each set of homeowners.

Helpful hint: If you're shopping around for some new homes, one easy way to see if your home is custom built is by paying attention to the intricate details, like creative fireplace layouts. 

How To Identify The Latest Design Trends In The Building Industry?

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Heading to the Street of Dreams is a great way to learn and see how the latest design trends are being used in homes. Everyday, a GHID employee will be at the both of our homes (Trillium and Westlake), so if you have any questions related to something you have seen in the homes, or on the Internet, don't be afraid to ask our design team! If you can't make it to the show because you don't live in the area, GHID is always willing and able to help you, so give us a call!

How Can I Learn More About The Street Of Dreams?

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The Street of Dreams has an official website, but here are some crucial details you'll need to know in order to attend the show!

  • Cost: $15 per person, unless you use this $2 discount code: DREAMS
  • Where can I buy tickets? On Ticket Tomato
  • GPS Location: 14956 SE Pebble Beach Dr, Happy Valley, OR 97086
  • *Get detailed directions to the show here!

If you're a client, or interested in learning more about GHID, give us a call and we can schedule a meeting to walk through the Street of Dreams with you!

We can't wait to see you at the show!