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5 Reasons Why To Attend This Year's Street Of Dreams

Last night was the annual NW Natural Street of Dreams Block Party and boy it was fun! Although the rain and chilly weather came to visit us, that wasn't going to stop all of those eager attendees from seeing the homes. GHID also revealed our two homes to each set of clients, and since I hadn't been a part of a client reveal, my eyes were welled up for most of the reveals. The clients were overjoyed with the outcome of their homes, so it was a huge win for GHID. The annual show kicks off this Saturday, July 26 and runs through August 24. If you haven't been to a show before, or you're not sure that you want to head out to Happy Valley, I am going to tell you just 5 reasons why you must make it out this year!

Get Inspired To Jumpstart Your Own Home Remodel Or New Build

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Ever thought about remodeling your home or building new? Hire a killer team to help complete your house so it feels like a home. Working with a great builder, contractor and interior designer will lead to an immaculately designed and executed home.

See Gorgeously Designed Homes By Local Interior Designers

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Garrison Hullinger Interior Design helped design two homes in the Street of Dreams; The American Spirit and Trillium. Each home turned out to be showstoppers and we know you won't want to miss out on seeing the homes. The American Spirit has a more traditional feel and boasts many great features for at-home entertaining, while Trillium is the perfect fusion of contemporary meets traditional.

Shop For Your Favorite Builders, Landscapers, Interior Design, Home Decor + More


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One of the best ways to shop for your future interior designers, local builders, and contractors is to see their work in person! If you head out to the 2014 Street of Dreams, you will be sure to find some of your favorite design elements and products that you'll want your future design team to incorporate into your home. So write down your favorite things and tell your team.

Learn About The Latest Technologies & Products In The Building Industry

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When you're visiting the show, we know you'll see some work from local artisans, craftsman and manufacturers. Keep your eyes peeled for some of the coolest products, visiting the show is a great way to stay up-to-date on the latest and greatest in the building industry.

Have Some Affordable Fun With Your Family & Friends

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Here are some of our favorite photos from last night's clients' home reveals. We can't wait to show you around the The American Spirit and Trillium, so don't forget to buy your tickets! Shhh... this code will get you a discount on your Street of Dreams tickets: DREAMS