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Must-See Interior Design Products At The Street Of Dreams: Cascade Coil Drapery

GHID worked hard on putting the finishing touches on both of the Street of Dreams homes (Trillium and The American Spirit), and now they're open for the public to see! I can't wait for you all to see the beautiful and innovative products that were selected for the homes. There are so many things in each house that I have been drooling over, but today I am going to be talking about the durable and textural coil drapery by Cascade CoilGHID has used Cascade Coil in several projects like our Waterfront Pearl condos, our office, our Serving up Style vignette, and our two Street of Dreams homes! Before diving into how awesome Cascade Coil is, let's learn a little bit more about the product itself.

What's Cascade Coil Drapery?

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Cascade Coil Drapery manufactures flexible woven wire fabric that we use to add texture and visual interest to a space. The product is sleek, yet adds a contemporary or industrial edge to a space, depending on how the room is stylized.

Does It Really Shield Sunshine?

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The way that GHID has applied Cascade Coil in the two Street of Dreams homes are distinct. Let's start by talking about how Trillium uses Cascade Coil Drapery as curtains in the great room. The most frequently asked question I have been hearing is whether or not it truly protects and blocks out sunlight. Although, the coil does provide the home with protection from late afternoon sunshine, it's sole purpose isn't meant to protect the home from sunlight or provide privacy. Cascade Coil enhances the great room design by adding a sleek, textural element to the space that does provide minimal shading.

Can You Really Use Cascade Coil As A Shower Curtain?

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A popular question among attendees is, "does the shower curtain really keep the water in the shower?" This made in America product really does keep the shower water from escaping the shower. As the shower bounces off of your body, the coils catches the water and trickles it down the shower curtain. The Trillium home uses it as a shower curtain as well as a great room alternative to fabric drapery, but The American Spirit features it as somewhat of a protector from the Oregon rain that we are all used to here in the Pacific Northwest! It's perfect for indoor or outdoor applications.

What Are Some Alternative Ways To Bring Cascade Coil Into Your Home Or Commercial Space?

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Cascade Coil’s woven wire fabric is a creative choice of material for designers looking for light control and modulation; area or crowd control; visual freedom; security; and free flow of air, sound and even potential output from sprinkler systems and fire extinguishers. The special properties of the material — its innumerable support points and flexible round weave — make it an effective solution for decorating, partitioning and securing structures and spaces of all kinds.

If this blog is enough to get you to want the product, go visit their website to purchase your very own. If you're still eager to see this product and the homes GHID designed, we better see you out at the Street of Dreams! If you pre-purchase tickets, use this code to get your discount: DREAMS.