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Street Of Dreams Sneak Peek: Pacific Lifestyle Furniture Is The Affordable Furniture Store

Have you attended the Street of Dreams yet? If you haven't been to the street, and you're looking for inspiration to bring back to your home, you must head out to the show before it's over! When you head out to Happy Valley, you can expect to see some fabulously designed homes with equally as beautiful interiors. You'll see Garrison Hullinger Interior Design's signature look in each home that we designed, Trillium and The American Spirit, but we're going to let you in on the secret of getting affordable furniture for your home!

Affordable Furniture From Pacific Lifestyle Furniture

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When you're out at the show, you'll notice that The American Spirit's furniture is from a local small business called, Pacific Lifestyle Furniture. Before we dive in and talk about the furniture they offer, lets learn more about Pacific Lifestyle Furniture!

Pacific Lifestyle Furniture is a family-owned store that was launched in 2007 with a new concept of furniture shopping in mind. The company's focus is two-fold; customer service and offering the best pricing on furniture to keep overhead costs at a minimum. The store focuses on American-made products with some furniture pieces made in the Portland Area. Next month, they will be opening their second location in Hillsboro!

Which Street Of Dreams Homes Feature Pacific Lifestyle Furniture?

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As you meander through the street this year, The American Spirit (house #5) is filled with Pacific Lifestyle Furniture. Our designers partnered closely with Pacific Lifestyle Furniture to ensure that the furniture we selected for the home would fit well with the overall aesthetic of the home, but most importantly we worked together to keep our furniture selections within our client's budget.

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Keep your eyes out for some of our favorite pieces in The American Spirit: the cozy sectional in the great room, the fun game table in the rec room and the colorful chair in the downstairs guest room!

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Multigenerational Living Space Is Furnished By Pacific Lifestyle Furniture

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Pacific Lifestyle Furniture even made it's way up the street to Trillium  (house #2) to furnish the ADA bedroom. Show attendees are a fan favorite of the modern large gray chair!

When you head out to the show, make sure to stop by house #5 and #2 garages to enter for your chance to win a $5,000 room makeover from Pacific Lifestyle Furniture! The show runs through August 24 and tickets are available for pre-purchase on Ticket Tomato. Use your discount code: DREAMS for $2 off!