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World Elephant Day: How To Bring Elephants Into Your Interior Design

Happy World Elephant Day! Since today is a day that is dedicated to the grey, large and docile creatures, we're going to look at how these lovely animals can make your interior design have a calming impact. An interesting fact about these beautiful creatures that may help you see the benefit of incorporating elephants into your home or finding a new found respect for the animal is that "unlike other animals, where leadership tends to be won by the most dominant and aggressive individual, the elephants instead respected intelligence and problem solving in their leader." Aside from me personally having an attachment to elephants, I am sure that we can celebrate these grey giants today through interiors that make a nod to them in a beautiful way. Fact from The Telegraph

Bring Smaller Elephant Decor Into Your Home For Big Impact

Although elephants are big in real life, you can scale your love for the grey creature and bring them into your home decor through smaller golden decor. A really great way of enhancing your affection for elephants is by placing them on a stack of books that are relative to where they are from!

Black and white interiors speak volumes when paired with animal artwork. As I mentioned above, I love elephants as I think they represent quiet power, which pairs perfectly with bold, modern interior design.

Abstract Watercolor Animal Art Makes A Subtle Statement

Not such a fan of literal artwork? Bring somewhat abstract monochromatic animal artwork into your decor. This particular painting helps this space stay inline with the mid-century modern feel of the space since it's a little less refined than the realistic artwork above.

Love elephants? You can now buy the artwork that they create!