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Interior Designer Show Home: Final Days Of The Street Of Dreams

This year's 2014 Street of Dreams is coming to an end quickly, but there is still time to go see the homes! Garrison Hullinger Interior Design designed two of the five show homes this year, Trillium and The American Spirit (shown in the video). These two homes are a true example of how GHID collaborates from the beginning to the end of the design process with our clients. It is clear to the Street of Dreams attendees that GHID has a special touch when it comes to making a house a home. Whether you are looking for home inspiration, you generally like seeing gorgeous homes, or you like participating in Portland events, it not too late to visit the street.

What People Are Saying In The Trillium House

entryway inspiration, ideas for exposed beams, how to create a large open floorplan

The exposed beams and open floorplan speak to my aesthetic tastes, but I want to share what everyone else has been saying! "I love the subway glass tile that is used as the kitchen backsplash! I've never thought about using a subway tile in a glass version."

Kitchen_IMG_0037"The island!! Such a great idea to have the countertop go to the ground." In design language, we call that a waterfall countertop. But I have to say that everyone gravitates to the island, and they just can't wait to touch it!














"The entryway rug is so gorgeous! Where can I get it?" It is pretty special, huh? I'll let you in on the is Flor carpet tiles! I personally helped put them together with Colin, and I have zero design capabilities, but it was easy to put together. They're individual tiles which make it easy to replace a part of the rug versus the entire thing! "I love the exposed wooden beams!" The wooden beam runs from outside of the front door into the home and back outside. The thought behind this was to help blur the outdoor and indoor relationship.

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"FISH!!! There is a fish tank in the dining room!" The Wet Spot Tropical Fish created this custom fresh water fish tank. It's really beautiful and easy to maintain, because The Wet Spot Tropical Fish takes care of all of the maintenance. Looking for a fish tank for your home? Look no further, because fresh water fish tanks are a lot easier on the wallet, as you are less likely to lose any fish when they're trying to get acclimated to the salinity of water.

What People Are Saying In The Westlake House

secret door bookshelf, custom designed bookshelf, at home bar

When people see me push the "secret" door open, they all are so curious to see what's inside! "Wow, this is so cool!!!" Although the room doesn't lead to anything but additional storage, it will eventually be used as a wine storage room. There is always something so special about having a secret room or disguised door!

artistic backsplash designs, tile backsplash designs, cool wall tile designs

"This kitchen is to die for!!!" Daniel did a great job of designing this beautiful kitchen, which is meant for a true baker. The owner of this home loves spending time in the kitchen cooking and baking for her family. The details in this kitchen wow everyone; there is custom tile designs, appliance garage, pot filler and all-around gorgeous finishes.


large comfortable living room, at home bar, best sophisticated man caves

"I never want to leave." This rec room is meant for people to spend hours at a time in. You won't have to venture far as the rec room comes with a fully stocked kitchen, including dishwasher, wine cooler, sink and hidden wine room.

Have these fun teasers convinced you to want to see these homes in person? If they have, you have until this Sunday to attend the show! Don't forget to use discount code DREAMS. We look forward to meeting you.