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Interior Design 101: How To Make Your House Look Like It Belongs On The Mediterranean

Hi guys, Alex here today wishing you a happy Hispanic Heritage month! Hispanic Heritage month has inspired me to give you a few tips on how you can create a Spanish style home, for a bold and bright Mediterranean feel! Spanish style homes are warm, classically beautiful and enchanting, making them full of fantastic design inspiration for redesigning your space.

Choosing The Right Spanish-Inspired Color

When choosing Spanish tones for your home, you can incorporate neutral or bright colors. If you're going to use a more neutral and rustic palette, then you'll want to incorporate colors like tan, caramel, soft amber, beige, white and terracotta. If your scheme involves more vibrant tones however, include colors like blue, pink, orange and yellow. One of the easiest ways to feature both color schemes in your home is by staying neutral with paint colors and larger pieces of furniture, while splicing in bold and bright pieces of art and other home decor.

How Do You Get That Rustic Spanish Style Wall Texture?

To create the perception of an authentically Spanish feel, you'll need to create texture to your walls. There are several ways to mimic an authentic looking wall: use a Stucco-inspired plaster, faux finished wall paint, or textured paint, like suede effect paint, or color wash are great ways to create this texture. To create a color wash, paint on a lighter color as your base coat and then use a darker shade of that same color as a top coat color. Dilute the top coat color a little and then swirl it over with a cloth or brush. Avoid using any wallpaper to create Spanish walls, because this will corrupt the concept you are striving to achieve.

Get That Old World Feeling Beneath Your Feet

To give your floors the Spanish element, use large terracotta or ceramic tiles. If this tiling suggestion is too cold for your home, you could consider installing reclaimed wooden floors. You can also incorporate some color into your space by adding woven, ethnic rugs to your floors.

What's The Right Mediterranean-Inspired Decor To Use

Dark woods with distressed finishes work well for Spanish design style. Spanish style is simple, so it is important to limit the furniture in your home, choosing only those pieces which are fundamental to your needs. You could also incorporate wrought iron furniture (chairs, tables, shelving or even lighting) to accent the Spanish style. Putting original Spanish artwork on the walls, vibrant pottery in the kitchen or religious status in your home may also help to complete the design.

Once you choose your color scheme, find a texture for your walls, get tiles or wood for your floor, and determine your decor, you've got the basics to start your Spanish design scheme! So get cracking on designing that space!

This blog was inspired by the ideas of Charlotte Brown and Interior Designipedia.

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