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Interior Design 101: How To Transition Your Home From Summer To Fall

Hi everyone, Alex here today giving you autumn decorating ideas to make the shift from a sizzling summer to a stylish fall! I am including colors within our design tips that have been inspired by Julep's fall nail polish and are guaranteed to help you transition your home decor to be representative of the autumn weather. Who is ready to shed signs of summer and fully embrace fall? Read on to learn some easy tips and tricks that will make you want to curl up in the comfort of your own home! 

Compliment Your Home For Comfort

Fall is an ideal time to create welcoming seating options, including sofas and ottomans, especially because the holidays are right around the corner and you'll be entertaining guests. You can do this by cozying up hard chairs with cooshy pads and textural pillows. Chairs and sofas that you already have can be transitioned into a more seasonal look with complimenting colored pillows as well. Another way to add comfort to your home is to add wool, chenille, cotton or cashmere throws to furniture where you and your guests will be spending most of your time.

Dress Your Porch To Impress

Corn stalks, raffia and straw can all be used to decorate your front porch. Wide ribbon and dark oranges and browns also contrast nicely with thin materials, like straw. Don't forget to add that extra detail to your front porch by adding lanyard, garlands and wreaths can be created with these same items by the front door entrance.

Welcome Guests With An Updated Foyer

Because fall is a time when we are welcoming guests, you may want to consider updating your foyer. You can improve this area by making touch ups to worn areas on stair risers and put in an entry way table that shows off decorative home decor. A bench or a couple of chairs gives guests a spot to take their shoes off after battling the fall weather. You can also protect the floors in your entry way from wet shoes with a rug that is easy to clean or replace (consider FLOR carpet tiles). Put an umbrella stand by the entrance to provide a place for your guests to set their wet and rainy items once they are inside.

Go Natural

Using wooden items, such as tree stumps or outdoor inspired furniture will make your space look very organic. You can also apply mid-to-dark tone stained pine branches to give your space some fall character, or be even more literal with your fall-inspired home decor and bring in some leaf print artwork or nature-print artwork.


We all dress heavier in the fall, so it would make sense that we would also hang heavier drapery this time of year. Weighty fabrics and darker colors of drapery and curtains will create a warmer feel and hold the heat in better. Incorporating curtains that match your seasonal items will also create a more colorful look from top to bottom within the room.

Now you've got a few tips to make your home more comfy this season! Adorn your porch, incorporate heavier curtains, include throws and fall colored pillows, bring in natural elements, update your foyer and dress your home in autumn colors. Let us see how you've used these tips to trick out your place for fall!

This blog was inspired by the thoughts of Ronique Gibson, Hazel YuleLayla Palmer and H. Camille Smith.

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