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Highlights from IDS West 2014 - GHID's Favorites!

Interior Design Show West is always a favorite of ours, but sadly we couldn't go this year! Thank you Gray Magazine for the invitation and for helping sponsor such a great event. We wouldn't want to disappoint our readers though, so we have compiled a round-up of things that we've loved from the event! Before we go too far, let's take a step back and tell you all about what IDS West is; it's an annual show that takes place in Vancouver, BC to showcase new products and services in the interior design market.

Make Your Dinner party More Engaging with These Colorful Lights

While you may not want your guests spilling the wine, you will love these unique light fixtures that look like they're spilling color out onto the table. This could make any dining room go from drab and bland to bright and entertaining in no time!

Perhaps the Cutest Doghouse Ever

That's right, this camping trailer is a doghouse, and maybe the cutest one I've ever seen! I feel in love with this concept, and I'm wondering if they make them for bigger dogs too! Now I'm imagining Garrison and J parking one or two of these in their yard for the boys. The geniuses who came up with this adorable idea are Straight Line Designs, and while their website does not list a price, they do offer a host of other pet trailers!

A Rustic And Natural Lighting Fixture To Brighten Your Cabin

This is not a piece that would go well in every home, or really many homes at all. But in the right space, this ramshackle lighting fixture would look amazing. I'm loving the integration of nature with the light, giving it a rustic feel, and the fact that an orange extension cord is used to wire the vintage light bulbs makes this piece perfect for a rustic cabin in the woods!

Add a Touch of Green to Your Home; or a Lot!

If the tree branch chandelier wasn't your thing maybe you'll love this wall ornament that is so full of life! And how about that table? In combination, these two pieces add a nice natural accent to a room and tell your visitors that you don't mind letting a little nature into your home, as long as it stays elegant.

Stand out with this Crazy Lime Green Bathtub!

Forget about having a pristine white bathroom, when you can have this awesome neon bathtub! This would add a modern and fun touch to a room of your house that you may not always think about. And the best part is, when you have dinner guests that need to use the restroom, you can wait in anticipation for them to come back and say "I love your colorful bathtub!"

Glass and Wood Combine to Make an Amazing Dinner Setting

I love this collection of glass all placed on top of and around rustic wood elements. From the tabletop to the chairs to the glasses and plates, and especially the lighting fixture, it's all clear glass! This gives any room a nice and open feel even when the table setup takes up the entire space.

So tell us, did you go to IDS West? Whether you did or not, what was your favorite display that you saw? These were our favorites but there were so many great things to see!