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Take a Vacation to These Modern and Charming Pacific NW Cabins!

Fall is here, and winter is coming! That means we want nothing more than to be cozy and warm, and maybe get away from it all for a while... just enjoy nature. The best way to do that is with a cabin! Cabins don't have to be rustic and traditional though. Modern cabins can be as nice as custom homes and never sacrifice style for anything, while still being comfortable and functional. And be sure to check out our cabin blog from last year too.

Traditional Rustic Charm in Montana

This cabin in Montana is definitely rustic and definitely traditional. Everything about it screams "cozy." Enjoy this photo though, because everything else you're going to see in this blog today is going to be unexpected and modern, and blow the stereotype of rustic cabins right out of the water! But we won't jar you with a suddenly modern design, let's move into this carefully, starting with designs that bridge the gap between styles, and ending with truly modern spaces.

A Simple Interior with Metal Elements

Let's ease into this slowly, shall we? This cabin interior keeps some of the wood charm of a cabin, but adds in industrial touches to the upper loft, and removes any semblance of rustic and traditional from the wood, from the color to the smooth sheen of it all. This is no log cabin, but it has the potential to be just as comfortable.

A Washington Cabin with a Modern Kitchen

This cabin is in the woods in Washington features modern kitchen amenities and style, while still retaining a bit of wooden charm. This space bridges the gap well between modern and classic.

A Modern and Bright Cabin Space in the Northwest

This cabin just screams modern! It features bright colors, modern shapes, and clean glass sliding doors. However, despite all of the modern touches, you can still tell this is a cabin from the angled wood beams up on the ceiling.

Amazing Views of Idaho Scenery

Believe it or not, this design is actually from back in 2002. This simplistic modern cabin in Idaho would fit in well here in 2014. I'm loving the massive opening window that forces you to appreciate the magnificent view of the lake and make sure you're in tune with nature!

An Open Glass Cabin Leaves Room for the View

This cabin on Orcas Island features a stunning array of windows so that the owners can have an excellent view of the waters of the Georgia Strait. These windows really brighten up the interior, and highlight the modern, straight-lined furniture that brings a clean and up-to-date feel to this island home.

Let us know which one was your favorite! And join the discussion: are you a bigger fan of the older, rustic style cabins, or are you looking ahead to the modern and clean?