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New Commercial Developments on the Rise in Portland

Let's face it guys, Portland is growing with greater popularity by the minute. Whether it's the locally crafted beer, phenomenal food scene, laid back mentality, outdoors lifestyle, or music and art scene, people are moving to Portland. With new transplants, comes the problem of not having enough housing available for everyone, so you'll notice that Portland has new multi-family housing (also known as apartment buildings) popping up everywhere! Let's take a look at some of the properties that are being built together.

"Abigail" Brings in Diversity

"Abigail," an upcoming Pearl District apartment complex, boasts affordable housing, with most of its units priced at well below median family income, allowing for a mixed-income population. Developed by Bridge Housing, this complex is in a popular part of town and it is hoped that places like this will help break the stigma of the Pearl District having only upscale and expensive living spaces.

600 New Hotel Rooms for the Convention Center

If you live in Portland, you know that its no secret that a 600-room Hyatt Regency is coming in near the convention center in the Lloyd District. This massive building is being constructed to handle all of the convention-goers that come through Portland, but many recognize the potential for a bigger tourism market in Portland, with the ability to host NBA All-Star games and other events that would draw a significant quantity of people.

Hassalo on Eighth Brings Apartments to an Underdeveloped Area

The upcoming Hassalo on Eighth is slated to open in 2015, and offer three buildings with a total of 657 units. The goal of this project is to offer this part of the city, which is rich in commercial development but low in living space, with a sense of community. It is also the goal of the developers to have all three buildings be LEED Platinum certified and begin an ecologically-conscious neighborhood.

New Apartments Just Announced in Goose Hollow Neighborhood

This photo was just released on October 10! In this image, you'll get an idea of the exterior facade of the new Goose Hollow multi-family housing building located in downtown Portland. The developers, Langley Investment Properties announced that 121 units and 65 underground parking spaces, as well as commercial space will start breaking ground 2015.

The Overton Bringing A Twist to The Pearl District

The proposed Pearl District apartment complex brings an interesting 45 degree angle to the street. This apartment building is a multi-use space and will also feature six live/work townhomes in addition to its 285 regular units.

There is a lot coming to Portland within the next couple years in the way of apartments and hotels! The Pearl District and the Lloyd District are the happening locations for these multi-family housing and multi-use buildings, as they are growing areas with plenty of room for development. There seems to be something for everyone coming soon, and plenty of tall buildings to make our home city shine!