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Spooky Yet Elegant Halloween Decorations To Treat Yourself To

It's no secret that Halloween is Garrison's favorite time of year. Fall can be magical itself, but Halloween is the only time of year when it is acceptable to deck out your home with jack-o-lanterns, skulls, and cobwebs! It can be hard to decorate for this holiday, however, when so many decorations that teeter on cheesy and cheap looking. Read on for some great ways to decorate for Halloween without losing the elegance of your home.

Skull Sconces to Brighten Your Dark Lair

This classy glass skull sconce is the result of a simple DIY project using an old vodka bottle shaped like a skull. This lighting fixture is so simple and elegant that your guests may not even realize that you have a skull on your wall! It doesn't look cheap or like it is obviously a Halloween decoration, so it is the perfect way to spice up your home this season while remaining elegant!

Old Fashioned Labels for all of Your Potions

These "Poison" labels for wine bottles are an easy way to spice up a dinner party. As long as no one thinks you're serving them actual arsenic, these labels can be fun while not taking away any of the elegance from your dinner setup.

Learn an Enchantment to Give Your Pumpkins a Silver Skin

It's no big secret that at GHID we love orange. So, as good as this may look in your home around Halloween, we would never dream of altering the color of our pumpkins. For the rest of you, painting your pumpkins with metallic silver paint can make them blend with an already elegant design at the dinner table or fireplace mantle. They may fit in better with table decorations while still giving off the feel of autumn and Halloween.

Make Your Candles Bleed During Dinner Rituals

Sometimes the scariest part of Halloween is not what jumps out at you, it's what you barely notice. That is exactly what is accomplished with these candles. They are simply light-colored candles with a bit of red candle melted down them, but this small detail makes them creepy while still having all the class of an off-white candlestick. Careful when serving dinner to guests, they may wonder what you've been up to!

Cast an Image of a Haunted House Upon Your Wall

Full-wall photographs can be a stunning addition to a home dining room. This old creepy house in the background is the perfect backdrop to set the tone for your Halloween festivities!!

Did any of these fun and unique ways to decorate for Halloween spur the creative juices in you? Tell us which idea is your favorite and why?