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Prepare For Holiday Hosting - Tablescapes, Design Rules, and Party Hosting Tips!

It is that charming time of year again!! The dreary weather calls for some spectacular home entertaining with wonderful friends and family. Since some of our designers here at the firm are totally in love with setting tablescapes for the holiday season, we have to provide you with some of the freshest and coolest ideas to set your table like a pro! Read on as we're going to disclose some great table display ideas, and helpful tips & tricks for hosting and entertaining like the professionals!

A Thanksgiving Table Setup That Brings Nature Indoors

This festive Thanksgiving table setting is simple but effective. The brown table runner and minimal tree branches really reflect the colors and general feel of fall, while the pears on each plate are also a nice touch, they add a sense of a refined rustic ambiance.

Using Color to Tie Together a Table Placement

This tablescape is united by the festive color green. Although this adorable table setting isn't your "typical" holiday-inspired green and red, the subtleties of green is creatively weaved throughout the glassware, napkins and floral arrangement! I love the little details, particularly a fan of the little wrapped packages and fun vintage Christmas ornaments because they make this tablescape stand out among the rest!

Petite And Chic Holiday Tablescapes

Pink polka dot napkins and miniature Christmas trees?! They are clearly working!! Don't be afraid to be bold with your color choices. This is a perfect example of how you can provide your guests with a creative and fun spin on celebrating the holidays. If you're a collector of something that you only bring out around the holidays, don't be afraid to put it on display while your guests are being wined and dined.

How to Not Be Gaudy With Your Home Decor

These fantastic tablescapes have all had one thing in common: they're not gaudy! While cartoon-like snowmen statues or Santa Claus and the reindeers may work for you, we wanted to promote a sophisticated and timeless look that is perfect for this holiday season! This is easy to do in your own home, as well. Here are a few of our quick tips on how to decorate your table, and home, for the holidays, while still remaining classy!

  1. Stick to a simple color scheme. Don't get too complicated with your colors and a supporting color that you can sneak into the detail pieces. For example, our second photo in this blog features white and red as the main colors, but a splash of green has been added to give the table setting some more depth.
  2. Keep decorations small. In each of these photos, you may have noticed that there was no massive, overbearing  centerpiece. At most, the tables featured candles and greenery of some kind. Keeping a huge centerpiece out of the equation can make the whole table flow better, not to mention allow people sitting on either side of the arrangement to talk to each other face to face!
  3. Remember your theme. Pick a theme and stay consistent. If you want to a snowy feel to your table, stick with the color white, and any sort of imagery conjured up by snowy fields, whether this be bare plants, small animal statues, or piles of firewood. Straying away from your determined theme can cause your guests to get confused and thing that you just put something somewhere because you liked it. This problem is rampant throughout interior design, with a homeowner buying a piece because they like it, not because it fits into their space well!

 Tips for Hosting a Holiday Party Like an Expert

Hosting a holiday party can be stressful, even if you've done it a million times and have it down to a science. We have aggregated a number of helpful hints on how to make your holiday party go off without a hitch!

  1. Relax, you've got this. There is a reason this one is at the top. Nothing can make a hosting experience awful for you by stressing out over every minute detail and missing out on all the fun your guests are having.
  2. Be part of the party. Whether this means cooking ahead, or just going with the flow of things, make sure you are in the party you're throwing! Nothing is worse than a host who doesn't mingle with their guests because they're too busy throwing dinner together.
  3. Decorate appropriately, Depending on the holiday, you're going to want to make sure your house is appropriately decked out to get guests in the mood! This needs to start at the entrance, when the guest first arrives, and continue everywhere that guests will go to, even the bathroom!
  4. Take simple steps to create elegance. You don't need to go all out to make a fancy party, you can fake it til you make it! Try using real plates and silverware instead of paper plates and plasticware, make simple food but present it professionally, and use simple but elegant decorations. Creating easy but effective ambiance with mood lighting and soft music can also influence how party-goers perceive your space!

If you're in the Portland area and you're in need of some cool holiday decor, come into our fabulous storefront! Some of the home decor featured in these photos are in our store too. Who is ready for some holiday entertaining after reading this blog?