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Forget Sightseeing - These Hotel Rooms Will Make You Never Want to Leave

When you go on vacation, you may be looking for a hotel that gets the job done; its reasonably priced, reasonably rated, in a reasonable area. It's just reasonable. But what if you want to stay somewhere spectacular? If you're looking for somewhere stunning to stay, then look no further, because once you step foot in these beautiful hotels, you won't want to leave!

Soak Up the Ocean Views in Thailand

Located in Phuket, Thailand, Kata Rocks is a hotel that offers "Sky Villas" rather than rooms or suites. Started by English design form Infinite Luxury, this hotel offers nothing less than that name entails. The clean and modern design elements against the straight, white angles of the walls and structure give the rooms a sense of serenity and relaxation. And of course the stunning ocean views help as well. Check out more of these amazing rooms and views on the Kata Rocks website.

Italian Suite That Takes Classical Luxury to the Next Level

How many hotel rooms can boast about featuring a staircase? The suites in the Gombit Hotel in Bergamo, Italy can! While the other rooms feature a modern but elegant design, the suites are a bit more rustic, and feel more like an apartment than a hotel room. With two separate and distinctly designed bedrooms, plus the privacy of having two floors, this is the perfect hotel space for a travelling pair of couples looking to get luxury while also experiencing the rustic nature of small Italian towns.

Rock On With the Ace Hotel in LA

This hotel may not look quite as luxurious as the last two, but it is in its own way. The Ace Hotel in downtown Los Angeles prides itself on being musically inclined, with many rooms featuring a Revo Radio and a Martin acoustic guitar, to inspire guests to create music or just to listen to music. The rest of the design, a modern and somewhat minimalist look, gives you a room free of distractions, so you can let the creativity flow. You'll never want to leave until you write your hit single!

Colorful Charm With Lots of Attitude

The Hotel Nash (formerly the LORDS of South Beach hotel) in Miami is bright and inviting. Its soft curves and cheery atmosphere make you feel like the space you are staying in wants you to stay around. Many hotel rooms are just too drab and boring to be worth enjoying, but this hotel's rooms just stands out as someplace you could never leave! Just like Miami itself, the rooms of this hotel are fun and vibrant, and spending your nights here would truly make you wake up with a smile!

Classical French Countryside Charm to Relax With

This quaint and charming hotel in a French village is full of classical European style that will help you relax on your getaway vacation! These rooms feature traditional design elements that are elegant but cozy. If you think the room looks relaxing, just look at the Moulin De L'Abbaye hotel's exterior! Between the great exterior and the simple but gorgeous interior, you'll never want to leave the village, or your room!

We know there are so many hotels around the world that just make you want to never check out! What are some of your favorite places to stay that we may have missed?