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Decorating Your Home For The Holidays Or Hosting The Hottest Party With Bronson van Wyck

Have you ever wondered if you could hire someone to decorate your home and then have them take it all away after the holidays? Or if someone can throw the best party around for you? Yeah, that is right, someone does just that and does it oh so right - Bronson van Wyck. He is an epic party planner, but what he does cannot be summed up by a two-word title! The New York Times featured a fantastic article on what a regular Sunday looks like for Bronson, and it is truly telling of his personality and love for his work. He says that he gets up by 9:00, works out, and then goes to the comic book store, the regular book store, does a couple hours of stretching, plays board games with friends, and finally starts thinking about ideas and what must be done for the week. Yet in all of it, Bronson is always curious about events and parties that his friends went to; he needs to know, so that he can better plan the events he is brought on to lead.

Bronson Van Wyck's Style Available For All

Bronson's Van Wyck's services are notoriously hard to come by, which is no surprise given that he has clients as big as President Obama! If you were not lucky enough to get on his Christmas decorating list back in 2012, this pop-up store in Greenwich Village alleviated the pain. All of the decor and gifts were handpicked by the man himself, and the shop even offered a service for decorating a custom Christmas tree and shipping it anywhere in Manhattan!

A Wedding Under the Big Top

Van Wyck is also known for his extravagant weddings. This event looks like it must have been one to remember! Not a lot of weddings happen under a massive tent full of elegant chandeliers. This once in a lifetime experience is the essence of what Bronson Van Wyck's events and designs have to offer. The gold and green colors give the entire event a classy and warm glow that makes all of the guests feel comfortable and warm, and most of all, welcomed. More photos of this fabulous event can be seen in the gallery for Mr. And Mrs. Trevor Colhoun on Van Wyck's website.

 The Crossing of Nature and Modern Design

Bronson Van Wyck not only plans amazing weddings and parties, but also great corporate events. This event for Bulgari, a maker of Italian jewelry shows off the planner's fantastic use of nature and color. If the pristine white space full of natural light wasn't enough, Van Wyck has complemented a massive green hedge with purple flowers on the table, which blend in seamlessly with the purple-tinged wine glasses. Everything matches with something else, but the entire setup does not match too much. It is in perfect balance! I especially like the little details, like the stones under the glass table and the alcoves in the hedge featuring pieces of the company's jewelry. More photos of this even can be seen on Bronson Van Wyck's gallery.

Summer Dining with Organized Chaos

This table setting that Bronson Van Wyck designed is the exact opposite of what he usually makes, which is symmetrical and clean. This outdoor event really captures the chaos of nature, with each set of silverware being mismatched, and with thrown-on rugs and nature-inspired table decor. Van Wyck stated, in regards to his choice of drink coolers, that he went searching for an ice chest in the garage but instead found an old wheelbarrow. This simple addition plays perfectly into the style of the rest of the party. The entire event is one big rustic party that is on one hand chaotic and mismatched, but on the other hand so well planned and organized. More pictures can be seen on Architectural Digest!

The Gala of a Lifetime

Extravagant and gorgeous, this gala for the Whitney Museum of American Art is sure to wow anyone who attended! While the table settings are straightforward and classy, the multitude of elegant chandeliers suspended from the ceiling and the backdrop of rich and lush foliage really are the stars of the show! Van Wyck managed to turn this otherwise drab and boring room into a stunning entertainment area full of beautiful decor that a normal event planner may never think to include. More photos of this event can be seen on the Van Wyck website!

Bronson Van Wyck's events and designs are to die for, and we hope that these great events have inspired you to host your own parties with beautiful table settings, backdrops, and decor, while always tying things together! His unique style is something to draw from, and maybe if the president cancels on him, he will host a party just for you!