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Holiday Table Settings That Look Like They Should Be Published

As soon as I saw this article on Matchbook, I knew I needed to share it with all of our great blog followers. Especially now that holiday season is in full swing, I felt that this would be particularly useful to our readings, who may be hosting family gatherings or holiday parties this season! Appropriately-named lifestyle expert Camille Styles serves up a table of style in this Matchbox article and I could not resist sharing her highlights, so you too can set a table worthy of publishing in a magazine!

Set The Scene

What is important with setting the scene of your table is settling on a theme and a color scheme! Reflect this set palette with any table runners, plates, and other decorations. Since it is the holidays, Camille suggests using cut branches of evergreens, for both the festive look and the smell! You can craft a complicated garland, or you can simply lay out sprigs of greenery around your centerpiece!

An Edible Centerpiece

Wondering what you should put at the center of your table? Well, you're already enjoying a nice dinner, so how about trying a centerpiece that is part of the meal! Camille suggests either baking or buying a selection of pastries and "gluing" them together with caramel to make a tall tower of desserts that your guests can take food off of throughout the meal! A tall and impressive centerpiece like this may be just what your table needs!

Winter Blooms

Speaking of greenery, if there is not enough space on the table itself for these decorations (after all, you are serving large quantities of food!), you can always make use of seasonal flowers and evergreen branches in a vase or pot and place this somewhere else near the table, perhaps somewhere unexpected; Camille shows off her placement of flowers on the fireplace mantle right behind the dining table, which makes for a striking scene.

An Elevated Place Setting

Using your everyday dishes for a holiday table setting is perfectly fine, but for most people the use of fine China, or any other kind of plate that is rarely used, marks the dinner in question as a special occasion! The holidays certainly are a special occasion, and your family feast may deserve the best you have to offer! Depending on the design, there could be colors and images that sparkle and come alive by candlelight, making your table setting vibrant and lively!

Create a Magical Glow

Speaking of candlelight, add a touch of romanticism to your dinner by scattering candles across the tablescape. Camille suggests brass candlesticks of varying heights, placed around the table. They add a touch of warmth and elegance that really cannot be achieved any other way! Regardless of the theme of your table setting, there is always a place for candlesticks of some kind!

Embrace Tradition

When in doubt, do what you've always done! Family traditions are strong and long-lasting, and when you are in doubt of what else to do, sometimes falling back to an old tradition passed down from another relative can be the most comfortable thing to do. At the same time, don't be afraid to start new traditions! If you decide to try something, and it's a hit with you and the rest of  the family, stick with it!


Like I said before, this seemed like the perfect article to share with you all in the midst of the holiday season! We here at GHID wish you happy holidays and hope that all of your entertaining endeavors go off without a hitch!