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Interior Design From The Movies : 12 Picture-Perfect Homes Found on the Big Screen

When you watch a movie, it is likely that you may be drawn in by the setting as much as the characters. You may have also desired to live in some of the fabulous homes that have been featured on the big screen! Seeing as it is getting cold around this time of the year and you may be hunkering down to watch a lot of movies by a roaring fireplace, here are some great movies to watch if you want to appreciate some great homes!

Take a Day Off With Bueller's Home!

It is undeniable that the glass house from Ferris Bueller's Day Off is gorgeous. Nestled in the woods, it is has a retro and classy interior that lies in stark contrast to its surroundings. It recently sold for $1.06 million after being on the market for five years!

The Notebook's House is as Romantic as the Movie Itself!

This picture-perfect home, built in the 1770's, is called Martin's Point Plantation, and is located in South Carolina. Perhaps you recognize it from The Notebook, in which Ryan Gosling's character renovates this charming home to win back his love. The simple southern charm is clearly evident in this home, and is certainly a great home to surprise your love interest with!

Get Away to the Home from The Fugitive

Harrison Ford not included, this home from The Fugitive is gorgeous on the inside, featuring modern style and a glass catwalk to really make the big open space seem even more open and bright! It is a modernist's dream.

Go Insane Over the House from Psycho

As creepy as the house in Psycho may be, it cannot be denied that with a little fixing up and maybe some color film, this old Victorian style home would look just charming! The set of the house is still standing, and you can see it in all of its creepy glory on a Universal Studios tour!

The Scarily Gorgeous Home from American Horror Story

There is nothing scary about this house from American Horror Story, as the home is actually quite gorgeous! The beautiful brick exterior gives way to an interior filled with dark wood tones and natural light.

You'll Want to be Alone with this Home from Home Alone!

Seeing the outside of the home from Home Alone makes you cringe to even think about sledding down the stairs! This suburban Chicago home features extensive brick and stunning white window frames. The famous house sold for $1.5 million back in 2012, and with a house like this, it would be hard to be home alone; someone would always be admiring it!

This Home Shines In the Twilight

While opinions over the movie itself differ widely, this Vancouver, BC home from Twilight: New Moon is undeniably fantastic! It's modern charm is warm and welcoming, and it blends nicely into the Canadian background.

Old Charm Found in the Home from Steel Magnolias

Despite how it may look from the front, the house from Steel Magnolias is a staggering 5,900 square feet! The brick-clad Louisiana building has been a lot more than a home since its construction in 1840; it has most recently been a bed and breakfast, and in the Civil War, it was used as a hospital!

The Oddly Amazing House from The Odd Life of Timothy Green

This gorgeous Victorian home located in Georgia is 5,500 square feet and features a guest house and pool on top of that! Featured on the big screen in The Odd Life of Timothy GreenThis house was built in 1842 and has all kinds of details, if you look carefully enough for them! Between the stained glass windows and fantastically detailed trim, plus the sheer size and beauty, it is no wonder that this property went on sale for $1.39 million!

Marley & Me and a Gorgeous House!

The lovely stone farmhouse from Marley & Me was originally built in the 1830's but was renovated not long before the movie was filmed. This means that the crew did not have to change the house much at all, even keeping the owner's furniture around for the filming! Meaning any interior design you may have noticed was not made by a film crew, but just by a homeowner (a homeowner with a nice house!).

Become Enchanted by the Home from Practical Magic!

Unlike a lot of these houses, unfortunately the Victorian house from Practical Magic was just a set, and has since been torn down. Believe it or not, the house was built on sacred Native American burial grounds, therefore it had to be built on a platform rather than dug into the ground. Taking place in New England but filmed on San Juan Island in Washington, this beautiful "home" was perhaps as far away as possible from its setting without leaving the country!

Take a Long Vacation in the Cottage from The Holiday

In The Holidaytwo women trade homes in LA and England. Unfortunately, the quaint cottage that we spend so much of the movie in is not real! It is just a facade built in a field that was then meticulously detailed to look like it was a real home. Still, the place is charming and cute, and you can still wish you lived there, even if it only exists on the big screen!


Do you have a favorite movie home? Is there a favorite of yours that we didn't mention? Join the conversation!