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Interior Design Trends In 2014: Trends That Are Here To Stay

2014 is giving way to 2015, and with the new year comes new interior design trends. But, before we delve into what's going to be hot in 2015 - which will come in early 2015 - let's take a look back at what trends have been popular in this last year and how the face of interior design has changed as a result!

Trends in Residential Design


In 2014, many were happy to see faux taxidermy go out the window, as well as chevron patterns. One residential design trend that came back even stronger were the usage of drapes or window coverings in your home. Covering up windows with fashionable window coverings is a popular and beautiful thing to do, but there has also been a movement toward window sheers, that offer privacy but are thin enough to let in plenty of natural light.

Brass Is Always Classy!

Brass components, home decor or even brass fixtures are enough to make most of us throw high fives around all day long! Brass is not a thing of the past, it's a design element of today and tomorrow. If you have bold brushed brass anywhere in your house, keep it right there, whether it is on a lamp stand, bathroom faucets, or what have you! If it just isn't your style, you may be able to sell it; otherwise, it's going to remain relevant.

Make Way For Bolder And Brighter Hues


As timeless as it may be, neutral colors have been making way for bolder colors, such as turquoise or even Pantone's Color of The Year, Marsala. Homes everywhere have been getting more colorful and there is a beautiful balance of sophistication when using bolder paint colors or home decor.

Go Big Or Go Green...Or Both!


And of course, how can we forget to mention the trend of green and energy-efficient homes? We can't! More on the end of home design itself rather than interior design, it cannot be ignored that there has been growth in terms of green homes. New regulations and the promise of lower energy bills have helped the trend of building or including green elements increase the general awareness of how each person can make a large or small difference in their carbon footprint.

Hot Trends in Commercial Design

The simplest and most affordable way to inspire employees is to paint your office walls. That is just what commercial interior designers did this year; offered employees with a lot more vibrant color schemes so that the office spaces provided a sense of comfort and warmth, but also spur creativity. However, if you can't go bright, grey was still a staple neutral tone for the year.

Commercial Office Spaces Wanted To Blur The Outdoors & Indoors

Another big demand in office spaces were to bring nature into the building. This was frequently done to great effect by installing walls of plants that liven up the entire atmosphere! Employees wanted a piece of nature to come into the office and green things up, and designers listened!

Multi-Family Housing Trends That Make Your Home Better

Trends in apartment building designs are ever-evolving, but one that has been changing - for the benefit of the residents - has been to create qualities of private home living. You will notice this within individual apartments, but also amenities like club rooms that can be rented out to allow residents to host several friends for that at-home entertaining feeling.

Trends in Hospitality Design

Hotels are gradually making a change-over to appeal more  to the millennial generation. This has involved incorporating open floorplans and integrating coffee shops and libraries to accommodate mobile workspaces. It has also led to designers selecting products that prioritize quality, sustainability, and flexibility of use.

Lobbies Are No Longer Only For Checking In and Out

Multi-purpose lobbies have become more popular, as people desire to use hotel entrances for more than just checking in and out. Guests expect to be able to have space for casual and formal conversation, informative TV screens, places to use their laptops, and more. Hotels have picked up on this and the face of lobbies have changed drastically!

Hotel Designers Are Using Local Artists In Their Design

In an effort to make hotels a more immersive experience with the local community, many hotels designers have taken to acquiring local art to decorate the guest rooms. The thought behind this design tactic is that even when guests leave the streets of the city, they still feel like they are actively involved in the local culture and not sealed up from their vacation or work destination. Often, this local artwork is seamlessly integrated into the design of the hotel room, making the entire place cohesive yet edgy.

I am sure there are plenty of things you are happy to see go and plenty of things that you have embraced with earnest! Keep an eye out in January for a blog all about the anticipated trends of 2015! Don't worry, most of these great trends are not going out of style anytime soon!

Happy New Year!