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Hottest Interior Design Trends to Keep Your Eyes Peeled For in 2015!

Whether you like it or not, you need to get used to writing a 5 on your checks instead of a 4. 2014 is behind us and 2015 is here to surprise us with its great new ideas and interior design trends. Hopefully your least favorite trends are going the way of the gramophone, and all of the new trends are just what you've been waiting for! Prepare your idea books and your wallets, because here comes the hottest 2015 trends to keep your eyes peeled for!

1. Brass and other Natural Metallic Elements

Gaining traction in 2014, an elegant brushed brass will remain popular in 2015. Adding this warm, soft metal to your home through accessories and furnishings, like lamp stands and tabletop decor, can add a comfortable and elegant feel to your home. Other warm metallics such as brushed gold and copper will also be big, as will be mixing these different colors in a space or single piece.

2. Blue, Blue, and More Blue!

Another trend that has been building already is the popularity of blue colors. We are seeing an emergence of elegantly designed navy blue rooms, and even some more daring turquoise spaces! These are strong colors that need to be used wisely, but they are being implemented beautifully in plenty of places to great success, and will continue to do so throughout 2015! We like to think we were into this trend before it was cool, with our Seahound Ranch project! In Pantone's announcement of Marsala as their color of the year, they also mention that "blue is the new black" and that shades of blue are the perfect complements to Marsala.

3. Bringing the Outdoors In

There is a big trend toward bringing elements of nature and the outdoors into the home. This can come in the form of more natural shaped pieces in the midst of more rigid modern furniture, or can involve bringing indoor plants or terrariums into your home. It also can pertain to the color of paint you use. Bringing the colors of nature into the home where they fit can make a space seem clean and one with nature.

4. Tribal, Ethnic, and Animal Prints

2015 sees a surge of ethnic patterns and symbols being incorporated into art, as well as fabric on pillows and seats. These designs can add an exotic feel to your home that can break up a modern look or add a splash of pizzazz to a boring room. In addition to that, they can be excellent conversation pieces, with guests asking "Where did you get that fantastic pillow?" and "What sort of pattern is that on that chair?" This also extends to

5. Window Sheers That Brighten the Room

Window sheers are a lighter form of drapes or curtains that allow light to filter into a room and add a nice level of brightness. They allow you to be private as well as let in enough light. They are the best compromise between drapes and bare windows! They are making a push into popularity this year and for good reason! They really go well in any wide open and airy space that needs a lot of light to just shine.

6. The Pantone Color of the Year

Whatever your opinions on Marsala are, Pantone's 2015 color of the year is here to stay for the next 12 months and undoubtedly many designers of interiors and decor pieces will incorporate Marsala into their designs. We covered our's and other's opinions on Marsala in last week's blog, but despite the doubts many hold, it will definitely make it's way into many homes, in the form of accent pieces. Bring some richness and earthiness into your home with this trendy color!

7. Wallpaper Makes a Comeback


Creative designs of wallpaper are making a return in 2015, with great patterns to mix up a room and fill a plain colored wall with something a bit more interesting. As long as the wallpaper features a classy pattern and not something old and ugly like we often associate wallpaper with, it can add a touch of pizzazz and elegant style to any room! Some designers even predict wallpaper will be used in unexpected places like the ceiling.

8. Remodeling a Streamlined Bathroom

The National Kitchen and Bath Association predicts that bathroom remodels are going to be bigger than Kitchen remodels in 2015. They also see a movement toward remodels into a more simplistic or minimalist look. This will be accompanied by one standout piece (maybe a brass faucet fixture or tub!) They stress that bathrooms will not lose their cozy or rustic charm, but will simply be moving toward a more contemporary look.

9. The Next Frontier: Healthy Homes

There is a new surge in design that focuses on the homeowner living in a healthy space. This can be achieved in a variety of ways, whether it be paints that don't let off toxic gases, better air filtration systems, or even no-touch flushing systems for toilets. Homeowners are demanding a space that is better for them. Some of the burden will fall on the designer or remodeler to start offering these options, which will help them differentiate themselves and their homes (especially new builds) from all the rest.

 10. Be Yourself!

Remember as you hear about these trends that they are just that; trends! Trends change year-to-year, and this is not to say that you should paint your walls a new color and replace your furniture every time the latest thing is announced. If everyone did that, every home would look the same! Instead, embrace your own personal style, and if you want to spice up your look with something that is trendy, go for it as long as it fits with your design!