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Easy Home Fixes That Will Make You Love Your Home Even More!

Whether it's a house, a job, or an outfit, the novelty of things can wear out and you may grow tired of something that you once loved. Well, with your home there is no need to stop loving what you have, because we are giving you some easy home fixes that will make you feel that swoon you once felt!

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint To Your Walls


The most apparent way to liven up your home is to simply add a fresh coat of paint! Whether the current paint is looking dingy or outdated, or you're just bored with it, a new paint color can't hurt! And don't settle for just re-painting the same color that was there, try something new! If you were thinking about branching out into a whole new color, try something bold like we suggested in last week's post.A brand new color is sure to make a tired room exciting again!

Let In The Natural Light, Especially In The Pacific Northwest

Unless it's a home theater, there is nothing fun about a dark room! A room that lets in natural sunlight will seem that much more vibrant and livable. Colors will sparkle and pieces will be accented wherever the sun falls. Light can also make the room seem larger, and even if there is no window open, the air somehow seems fresh and full of life!

Create Storage and Declutter

Do you have clutter everywhere? That happens more often than anyone likes to admit, but there are easy ways to get around the mess. Creating useful storage for any papers or nick-nacks that stack up is extremely useful. Buy or make some drawers or shelves for your belongings and then go through all of the junk piles and sort them. And even if you don't get a chance to sort everything right now, just putting clutter away somewhere out of sight will make any desk or other messy area look a million times better!

Designate a "Landing Strip" for Clutter

A landing strip is the modern day equivalent of a mud room, something that is not so common in a suburban or apartment setting these days. Apartment Therapy has a fantastic video on the landing strip, in which they suggest a doormat for your shoes, a hook for your coat, a wastebasket for any trash or junk mail you may have, a mirror to make sure you look all right (without having to run to the closest bathroom mirror one last time), and most importantly, a side table. This one is essential, for dropping down phone, keys, papers, mail, or anything else that would otherwise end up right on the kitchen counter! Having a designated place for everything when you get home goes a long way toward home organization!

Update Home Hardware and Accessories

This is a super easy one! The subtle details of your home can be changed out and updated with little effort or cost. Doorknobs, drawer pulls, faucets, and even light fixtures can be updated with ease and bring a new look to your home in a lot of small ways! It's definitely not a new piece of furniture or a new paint color, but it will be a breath of fresh air that you may not always consciously notice!

Revitalize the Entrance to Your Home

The front door is the first impression guests have of your home, and probably your first impression every time you come back from going out! There are a lot of different things you can do here to update your exterior look. Try putting a fresh coat of paint on the door itself, perhaps something eye-catching, but that still goes with the color and style of your house. You can also update the look of your house numbers, or add a new lighting fixture. If the season allows, putting out some fresh and vibrant potted plants and a nice welcome mat will also make your front entrance shine. And don't forget to keep that front porch swept!

We hope that your 2015 is going smoothly so far. If your resolutions haven't panned out so well here is another chance to get back into good habits! Have fun implementing some of these easy tips that will make you love your house all over again! If you want more interior design tips & tricks, check this blog out.