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Remodeling Your Attic So It Is Usable: Designer Tips & Tricks


Having an unused space like an unfinished basement, or attic in your home is a common issue that homeowners often times face. Rather than feeling like your busting at the seams, you can update those unused spaces and make them livable spaces on your own, or by enlisting the help of design and construction experts. A fun fact about GHID is that it all began in Garrison and Js' home attic located in Portland. Garrison and J turned their cute attic into GHID HQ. Don't leave that unused space for the dust, use it to you and your family's benefit.

 Clean Up The Crawl Space

Is your master bedroom on the top floor, but you really want to have that fabulous master bathroom that we all dream about? Consider gutting your crawl space so that it expands your master bath's square footage. You should take a look at what this bathroom looked like before, it was a disaster and now it's a dream bathroom!

Make It An Oasis For Your Guests

You love your home. You love your home's location. You don't love that your guests and family have no place to stay when they come to visit you. Renovate your attic into a beautiful and cozy place that your guests might get awfully comfy in. Use this beautiful attic remodel as your inspiration for a soothing place for your guests to enjoy you and your family. Once you add a guest bedroom to your attic or crawl space, you are going to be asking yourself what else you can do with an old attic, or unused space!

Unusual Attic Restaurant Designs

Although you likely haven't pondered the thought of putting a bar in your home attic, it might be the most ingenious idea I've come across in a long time! You may be short on space, but you can extend your square footage by converting a previously un-used space into a new take on the man cave.

Create A Great At-Home Office 

Similar to what Garrison did at his very own home, you can create a fun and bright office space in your existing attic. This particular attic shows off a modern and clean atmosphere that allows natural light to pour in. Brace yourself, working from home may never have looked so good to you, but as I am writing this, I am thinking of poking my head up into the attic to see what square footage I may be working with.

Are you inspired to clear the dust out of your attic and call up your interior designer? If you are not, do you need to see more? Let us know and we'll help you get some more inspiration!