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How to Interview a Contractor For a Project

In recent months we presented you with the Top 5 Questions to Ask Your Contractor blog post, which highlights some useful things to make sure of when relying on a contractor to get a project done. On today's post we will be asking your contractor a few more questions. Before the contract is signed, there are some things you should be sure of.

How Long Have You Been Working in the Industry?

Photo by Blackstone Edge

Photo by Blackstone Edge

It is important to understand how much experience your contractor has. If they can give references that you can contact then this is even better! Experience does not correlate with quality, but someone with a good track record will probably be more reliable than someone without one!

Are You a Licensed Contractor?

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Every state requires a contractor to be licensed and not every state makes it easy or cheap to become licensed. So be sure that your contractor is licensed and not just some Joe blow who makes their money from scamming innocent people. 

Do You Have Insurance to Cover Any Damages?

While no contractor comes in intending to ruin your home, everyone makes mistakes. Making mistakes is alright, but not when you have to pay for someone else's! It is important to find out if your potential contractor has the proper insurance to cover any damages they and their team may cause to your home.

What is the Project Timeline?

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An experienced contractor should be able to give you a relatively precise estimate of how long the project will take. If they cannot, then something is wrong, and you should look elsewhere! They should also be able to identify problems that could arise that would cause the project to take longer than expected.

Would You Write Up a Contract with Specific Details and Backup Plans?

Photo by Blackstone Edge

Photo by Blackstone Edge

The contractor should be liable for getting their work done. Creating and signing a contract that you both agree with will hold them accountable to get accomplish your goals within a set amount of time and have every major problem that could occur sorted out. Backup plans and knowing what to do in certain situations can save a lot of trouble in the end. It is important for both the contractor and the consumer to have an understanding of what the project will entail!