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5 Reasons Why Hiring an Interior Designer is Better Than Doing It Yourself

We have plenty of other blogs about why GHID is your best option, but today on the blog we will be talking about why you should hire an interior designer in the first place! While DIY can be fun, having an interior designer on board will reduce the stress in your life and make you say "Wow!" when you walk into your newly designed home! Here are the 5 reasons why hiring an interior designer is better than doing it yourself!

Photo by Blackstone Edge

Photo by Blackstone Edge

Designers Can Offer a Trained Eye and Professional Opinion

Everyone thinks they are an expert, and interior design may just seem like something that anyone can do. But as with any field, the trained professionals know what they are doing and they know how to do it best. Interior designers likely went to school for their trade and have extensive experience in the field. As such, they have an eye for what good and bad design is, and can form a vision in their head before you've even picked out what colors you want! Designers know the latest trends in the industry, as well as design guidelines and building codes, making their professional opinion extremely valuable. With an interior designer it is almost guaranteed that your project will look fantastic at the end.

You Will Save Money in the Long Run

This may seem counter-intuitive, since hiring a designer involves paying them, but you will almost always save money (not to mention time) by having a designer on board. If you don't know what you're doing, as well as a designer does, you will encounter a lot of roadblocks along the way, and may have to do something multiple times to get it right. Every time you redo something that is just more money out the window! A designer has a plan, and they know how to execute it, and how to get the materials and labor they need, for a reasonable price.

Photo by Blackstone Edge

Designers Have Greater Access to Resources

As non-designers, our options for materials may seem endless, but designers have an even greater array of choices. Not only do they have more choices, but they have the expertise to make the right choice. You don't need to research companies and materials because designers have spent time with all of these products and know which ones will work in certain settings. They also know what route to go when it comes to sticking to the budget. They can find a great compromise of quality and cost that is sure to make you and your wallet happy! If you were sorting through the plethora of options on your own, it would be overwhelming and difficult to make the smart decision.

They Know How to Stay on Budget and On Schedule

Have you ever remodeled an area of your home? Maybe you have, once. But an interior designer is constantly involved in design and remodel projects, and they are aware of all the ins and outs of budgeting and scheduling. As mentioned before, designers are very knowledgeable when it comes to materials and resources, so when you set a budget, your designer knows what they should design with in order to stay within that price range but still make your home look amazing! You also have little to worry about in your schedule. Designers have done plenty of projects, and are able to accurately estimate how long something will take based on your specifications and requirements. They also will hire professional labor to ensure that everything is done in a timely manner.

Designers Will Get It Right the First Time

Did you design your own living room only to find that the couch covers an important electrical outlet and the power cord on your lamp isn't long enough to reach the next one? Designers won't make mistakes like this, because they plan everything out in advance. The interior design process involves a lot of planning and decision-making, before anyone starts tearing out old fixtures. Designers will account for everything that you want in a space so that you don't have to redo anything. The first time through will be the last time, because everything is guaranteed to work perfectly and work together!


Photo by Blackstone Edge

Photo by Blackstone Edge

Hopefully that sets your mind at ease about hiring a designer. Doing it yourself may seem fun, but unless you really know what you're doing, it can be a nightmare. Designers will make your home look amazing, and you won't regret hiring them on! How about contacting GHID today to get started with the design process!