Camelia Court

GHID is an integral part of realizing our clienteles’ visions of their dream homes. Designing alongside the home’s architect and builder from the very beginning allowed us to ensure every detail was brought to life in this beautiful home’s interiors..

The solid partnerships we’ve built with contractors and architects allow our clientele to reap the most benefits in their new construction home projects. Our strong relationships with contractors and architects, allow us to collectively provide additional attention to detail, vendor relationships, expertise, a larger support network, as well as being able to ensure we stay within the budget of your new home design project. Throughout every new home design project, we provide: detailed plans, sketches, materials, plumbing, appliances, lighting, hardware, cabinet, finish details, floor plans, inspiration sheets, elevations, tile plans, and schedules. Providing this much detail to every project ensures that everyone working on your home will bring your vision come to fruition.