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GHID developed our Custom Home Design department to bridge the divide between development and design. We’re not interested in cranking out generic floor plans to appease the masses. Our Custom Home Design department offers clients the opportunity to work alongside of our experts to receive a custom home design and floor plan that is 100% tailored to you and your needs – no one else. Our Custom Home Design department is unique from other architecture firms in that our years of experience comes from designing comfortable spaces in which people use everyday.

Clients will no longer have multiple contact companies for their home project, just the builder of your choice and GHID’s Custom Home Design department. Expect exceptional design unexcelled experience and great work, because Garrison strategically hired our team. Expect boundless talent, specificity and customer service that are unparalleled. Our team of experts will be your trusted advisors and experts from inception to completion of your home design project.


  • You have a handful of ideas for your perfect home, but don’t know where to begin.
  • You’re ready to start designing your future home.
  • You have a house plan you already like, but would like to make changes.
  • You’ve already started your home project and realized there are going to be budget or skillset challenges.
  • You have the perfect spot of land and you need the perfect home to go on it.
  • You’re in the planning phase of your project, but you want some guidance before your project gets rolling.
  • You know exactly what you want, but would like a small team or single point of contact to help advise on technical matters.

Do you have questions about your new home’s design? Feel free to reach out!

Custom Home Design Portfolio



Phase One – Establishing Scope Of Work

Designing your new home starts out with us having a conversation with you and understanding the needs and wants of your perfect home. Then define the scope of work and budget to develop an outlined timeframe.

Phase Two – Initializing Design

After the preliminary timeframe is outlined we start defining the design concept and spatial analysis. Using sophisticated computer aided drafting (CAD) software the Custom Home Design team will create construction documentation and renderings. During this process we also start the selection process for exterior elements; windows, roofing materials, siding, and color palettes.

Phase Three – Implementing Design

After your custom home plans are finalized we can use our construction connections to put you in contact with the right contractor to build your dream home. Depending on the project you might also work with our Residential Interior Design team to fill your new home with your style. By the end of this process you’ll be living in your perfect new home.

What to expect from us:

  • To listen to you
  • To do our best while managing your project with speed & passion
  • To be flexible and responsive
  • To hear from us often
  • To adhere, and/or flag any changes to budgets, timelines, and issues
  • To deliver top-notch results
  • To be living in your dream home in the end

GHID is confident that you will enjoy your experience with us.