Refined Hand-Hewn

At first look this home falls into the contemporary...a closer look gives you the idea the house has a merging appearance of craftsman and contemporary. The family had lived in the home a few months before calling upon us to help them establish their look in the newly completed home. We felt for a contemporary home the feel is much warmer than expected and is a juxtaposition to the metal and wood timber stair case. We started addressing the needs of the dining room, even though this room is in the core of the home we wanted to give it a feel that you could walk by it and not feel like you were cutting through a room. 

The home owner had a few pieces of art that were important to work into the spaces and we knew immediately that we'd use their Peter Max - Statue of Liberty piece over our newly designed fireplace mantel. The living room called for maximizing seating but ensuring we gave it an open feel. This was achieved by tucking a sectional along wall and a couple swivel chairs in another part of the room. As with many bedrooms...the task was to create a beautiful retreat with room-darkening drapes.